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About Illum lighting

With an experience of over 30 years in the field of lighting, we are able to provide suggestions and solutions for home lighting, professional lighting, as well as hotel lighting.

The high quality of our products, our technical know-how, the aesthetic, as well as the constant updating upon new technologies and fashion trends, act as a warranty for high quality results.


The correct lighting can highlight objects, colors, it can highlight the identity and the character of a space, It creates visual comfort, as well as according to studies, have impact on health, productivity and creativity of an individual.

On the other hand, non-properly designed lighting, is equable and static, it consumes too much energy and creates glares that discomforts users.
Recognising that, we try to offer advices that are adapted to the specific needs of each project.

We aim in creating spatial images that get the maximum of the benefits that correct lighting design has to offer. Also, through the right use of lighting design, we make sure that all the needs of a project, in terms of lighting volume and quantity, as well as the aesthetic of every separate space, are covered.

Unique design

Τhrough a wide range of products, provided by the most famous and renowned brands in the field of lighting, we always pick the most suitable suitor for each project and the products that satisfy the needs and requirements of each customer.

We also provide lights of many different types, with original and unique design, as well as special handmade constructions, always ajusted to your special needs and requirements, in order to make your own space even more special.

Unique design